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Sub Branch Chairman

Photo Mike Kozam

Mike Kozam

01785 257578
[Mobile: 07806 732968]
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Sub Branch
Welfare Officer

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Brian Whitehouse

01785 215099
[Mobile 07909 883756]

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Sub Branch Secretary

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Norma Kozam

01785 257578

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Chairman's latest message.
Since my last update in July 2014, Stafford Sub-Branch (SB) has held two socials. The first was at Stone Golf Club on 4th September 2014 to which 30 members attended. Guest speaker Winston Leese, gave an interesting and animated talk titled "John Jervis; Staffordshire's Greatest Admiral".

Our AGM was held in Stafford on 23rd October 2014 and 31 members attended. Three members left the SB committee, Nigel Cooper, Mo Poole and Bruce Ward. Nigel, who has served Stafford sub-branch for over 18 years, was presented with a gift of a wine decanter and set of wine glass, by Branch Chairman, Mark Judson. Mo has been our Secretary for the past four years. I extended my thanks all three for the service they have given the sub-branch. We welcomed two new members to the committee, Paul Gilbert, and my wife, Norma, who was elected SB Secretary. The other members of the committee are Gerry Robinson (Vice-Chairman), Brian Whitehouse (Treasurer), Bryan Tunney, and myself as Chairman. Following the success of the September meeting at Stone, it was agreed that our June 2015 SB meeting/social would be held in Stone.

Thank you again to all those members who are assisting colleagues who are in need of help (transport to medical & hospital apps, etc). Brian Whitehouse continues to do a stirling job in arranging welfare gifts for unwell members. If you know of such cases, please contact a member of the committee and let us know – our details are included in the Staffordshire Knot, and on the Staffordshire NARPO website.

Future Meetings & Events:
Trip to Houses of Parliament - it has not been possible to arrange this for March/April 2015, due to the forthcoming General Election. This is now likely to take place in September 2015. We have names of over 20 members whom wish to attend. Further details will be circulated in due course, but if you haven't already registered your interest in going, please email or phone our Treasurer, Brian Whitehouse, to let him know.

Next Stafford Sub-Branch meeting/social - Thursday 25 February 2015 at the
Constitutional Club, Lloyd St, Stafford, ST16 3AS
Guest speakers are Joy and Alan Lewis.

Stafford Sub-Branch meeting/social - Wednesday 24 June 2015 at
Stone Golf Club, The Fillybrooks, Stone ST15 0NB
Note the change from usual Thursday.

Stafford Sub-Branch Combined AGM & meeting/social - Thursday 22 October 2015 at the
Constitutional Club, Lloyd St, Stafford.

Mike Kozam (Chairman) - 18.01.2015

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Other Committee Members

Gerry Robinson - Vice Chairman
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Bryan Tunney

Paul Gilbert

The next Stafford SB Meeting & Social is at 7.30 pm on Thursday 25th February 2015 at Stafford Constitutional Club, Lloyd Street, Stafford, ST16 3AS. Guest speakers are Joy and Alan Lewis on the topic "What's in a Word?" There will be a free buffet. All members welcomed.
"Book Recycling Club"
Do you Read? If so Please Consider Joining our New 'Book Recycling Club'. (It's Easy, Cheap and, Most Importantly, Pleasurable!
If you are still reading this article, then you will probably be well 'qualified' to join the Club. You will probably have unwanted books hogging space on your bookshelves or in storage units.
Unless you have a Kindle, or similar device, you will probably go out and buy more books - that again takes up more space and this is often repeated over and over at no small expense (particularly if members of your family are doing likewise). Undoubtedly, there will be a significant number of us in this position. I am.
Benefits of Joining the Book Recycling Club
Minimal effort required to take part - no administration
Money saved by reading books at a fraction of the purchase price
Providing hours of pleasure (between meetings) both to yourself and fellow members
Encouraging more members to attend meetings (with added interest through opportunity of joining the club)
Small financial contribution made towards club funds or charity per transaction.
Members' families and friends may also read the recycled books

How to Take Part:-
1) Bring along a selection of your books to the next Sub Branch Meeting so that they can be viewed together with books brought in by other members;
2) During the social section of the meeting browse and select books brought in by other members (even if you haven't brought books along yourself);
3) Having chosen 'new' books to be read, contribute 50p per book. Proceeds will go towards club funds or charity;
4) At the conclusion of the meeting, take home any books brought in by you (and not selected by colleagues) together with any books 'purchased';
5) At the next meeting bring books again for recycling (these may include those 'purchased' at the previous meeting and read during the intervening period).
The Committee is constantly looking for new ways to support and benefit our members. Invariably though, we need to invest time, effort and small amounts of money in order to get something bigger and better out of it.
The investment here is to make unwanted/unused resources available to others. The benefits are described above. PLEASE bring some books along to the next meeting. Let's see if we can make it work.

Paul Gilbert

"Blue Lamp Society"
All NARPO members are welcome to the meetings of the Blue Lamp Society at
the Constitutional Club, Lloyd Street, Stafford, ST16 3AS.
This is an informal social get together for former colleagues, organised by Brian Whitehouse.
Meetings take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 7:30 pm.

Sub Branch Chaplain
RevdJohn Davis MBE
01785 661382
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Photo Rev John Davis

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